“I joined Auckland Guitar School last year after my 12 yr old son inspired me. He had joined Auckland Guitar School a few weeks prior, and I had this vision that we could play together! And now we do!! Even better my 8 year old son has now joined and has the bug too. Dylan has proven to be a fantastic teacher who clearly has an extremely knowledgeable background and skill in this wonderful instrument. The classes are so much fun, you learn an incredible amount in these lessons, and Dylan and Thomas’s style of teaching is suited to all walks of life! You play the latest songs on the charts, along with the good old time classics we all know. I highly recommend Auckland Guitar School, and are now spreading the word to my friends and their children. Its addictive, all three of us never want to miss a class. One thing I notice is my boys and I leave our classes with the biggest smile on our face! Love it!” (Kira Chilcott)

“It’s taught me how to play the guitar properly. The thing I love most about these lessons is the people that I play with and the songs that we play. The most rewarding thing I’ve done with my guitar is playing with the Band at the Big Gig!” (Alicia Steele)

Kids guitar lessons Auckland“We were referred to Auckland Guitar School by a friend. I called Dylan and he responded to my call straight away. We went to see him so he could see where my daughter is at with playing the guitar. What an amazing experience. Friendly, helpful and straight-forward is what I like. You don’t want someone telling you your child plays brilliantly, but actually they don’t. Dylan told her that she needs to practice more and learn to enjoy the instrument. We decided to enrol straight away. She now practices every day. She found a new love for guitar and enjoys playing. She’s made new friends and she’s learnt to play with others. We can’t rave enough about how happy we are with Auckland Guitar School and how much better my daughter has got at playing the guitar.” (Zanel Burger)

Children's guitar lessons Howick“I used to take guitar lessons before but Dylan made it much easier for me. He is a great guitar teacher. I am happy with learning new things every time and especially so many different songs. I never thought learning guitar can be so fun. I am so happy that we’ve found Dylan, can’t wait for the concerts now! (Nicholas Cornea, 12 years old)

Children's guitar lessons in AucklandDylan is a great teacher because he is so nice and friendly and never shouts at you. He can play really well and is good at explaining how to play and making me realise I can do it too. I started learning when I was 5 and I am now working for Grade 4 electric guitar and have performed in a band on stage.” Jay (aged 9) – Jay recently won a music scholarship to his new school (and easily passed his Grade 4).


“I started learning guitar by watching videos on YouTube. I only learnt how to play a couple of songs and often felt overwhelmed and confused at what I should be learning. I owned lots of sheet music and guitar books which I had no idea how to use as I didn’t know any theory. Lessons with Dylan have not only helped with my guitar playing but my guitar skills overall. Whenever I’m playing now I can hear improvement and I can never wait for the next lesson.”  (Nicky Mostert)

“I have enjoyed Dylan’s guitar lessons and found him to be patient and very knowledgeable. His lessons are more structured compared to past lessons I had and I feel as though there’s a goal I’m working towards. Thanks Dylan.” (John Grogan)

“Dylan is a fantastic teacher and I’ve progressed a huge amount in the short time I’ve been learning from him. My son is also attending after school sessions and is really enjoying learning. He just aced a music test playing his guitar :-)” (Rachel Barker)

Your Child Can Become A Great Guitar Player
(If They Have A Great Teacher)

Is your child interested in starting to play guitar?

There is no better way to learn to play guitar than with the guidance and support of a great guitar teacher. If your child has never played before, lessons at Auckland Guitar School will give them the best start possible.

Does your child play guitar already, but they’re not really getting anywhere?

Perhaps your child has tried to teach themselves online (with YouTube etc) and realised that they’re making slow progress, or has been having lessons elsewhere and isn’t enjoying them?

At Auckland Guitar School we provide a fun and supportive environment for your child to learn this great instrument. We focus on making sure that your child enjoys their lessons and develops the skills needed to play guitar well. We’ll help him/her be inspired and stay motivated.

Our innovative teaching methods and wide-ranging curriculum help ensure your guitarist makes fast progress, with lesson materials that are relevant, engaging and featuring contemporary songs.

The School’s dedicated facilities offer a professional, relaxed environment with the use of technology and state-of the-art equipment for your child to get the most benefit from each session.

Your child can choose from a host of additional learning and performance opportunities to help them apply what they are learning.

At Auckland Guitar School, your child will get:

  • fun and engaging lessons
  • innovative teaching methods that help ensure fast progress
  • relevant material so your child can play the music they love
  • inspiring, trained guitar teachers to learn from
  • well-structured lessons to develop solid foundations to their playing
  • additional learning and exciting performance opportunities
  • convenient lessons that fit around your busy schedule
  • the chance to develop lifelong skills 

Give your child the opportunity to experience the fun and huge benefits of learning to play guitar.

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What are the benefits of learning to play guitar?
Research has shown that there are many benefits to learning to play an instrument.

Playing Guitar Makes You Smarter: Research shows that early musical training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning. Exposure to music also benefits a child’s reading age and IQ.

William_cropGuitarists Do Better In School: Many studies indicate that children who are exposed to music, or those who play an instrument, do better in school than those who don’t. Playing guitar improves maths skills, co-ordination and multi-level thinking. You also learn “how to learn” – through daily practice, you cultivate good habits and discover that to get the results you want you need to pay attention to detail and remain focused.

Listening: Hearing is a guitarist’s most valuable asset. Learning to play the guitar helps develop your ability to listen in greater detail, not to mention needing to pay attention to instructions.

Discipline: One of the qualities musicians possess is discipline. You have to be disciplined in order to master playing your guitar. There’s a lot of commitment and patience needed, a lot of showing up and doing the work, even on days when you don’t feel like it. The rewards are huge, and through music study, students learn the value of sustained effort to achieve excellence and the concrete rewards of hard work.

Teamwork: Playing guitar enhances teamwork skills and discipline. In order for a group of musicians to sound good, they must work together towards a single goal, the performance, and  commit to learning music, attending rehearsals, and practising.

Self-Confidence: Guitar performance teaches young people to conquer fear and to take risks. Risk-taking is essential if a child is to fully develop his or her potential.

Self-Expression: The guitar provides children with a means of self-expression. Self-esteem is a by-product of this self-expression.

Creative Thinking: When learning guitar there is a great development of creative thinking as it involves not only logical thinking, but the use of intuition and spontaneity. You develop decision-making skills and enhanced abilities of problem solving. Improvisation and composition allow students to bring out their originality and creativity in music.

Fun: There’s enormous satisfaction to be gained from playing the guitar, not only in the music itself, but also from the social pleasure of sharing music with other musicians and an audience.

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