It’s Never Too Late To Learn Guitar or Transform Your Playing

DanHere’s the good news – you don’t need to start playing guitar at a very young age. You CAN start playing guitar later in life and develop into a good guitar player. Whether you’re a total beginner, or have played guitar for some time and feel frustrated that you have not made the progress you wanted, we can help.

How NOT to learn guitar

These days there are countless ineffective ways to try and learn to play guitar. Here are some of them:

Doing nothing
Perhaps playing guitar has been something you’ve always wanted to do, one of those “bucket list” items you’d like to do in your life. Maybe you regret that you didn’t take lessons as a kid, or started playing and gave up at a certain point. Procrastinating and doing nothing won’t help! The fact you’re reading this is a good sign – it suggests you are finally ready to do something about it. If you’ve loved music all your life and always wanted to try playing guitar, there’s no better time than now.

Teaching yourself
Despite all the folklore about great players who were “self-taught”, if you’ve been trying to learn to play guitar on your own you’ll have found that you just can’t get the results you want that way.

Amongst other things, there’s no structure, you leave big gaps in your playing and understanding, and jumping from one resource to another ultimately just leads to feeling overwhelmed and doubting whether you can ever play guitar the way you want to.

In the past, people tried to teach themselves from books and DVDs.
Now, it’s all online – YouTube, free apps and courses, online tabs…
But it’s the same problem.
No matter how good the information, you can only ever get so far on your own.
Because you need much more than the raw information and materials to be able to play guitar (or any instrument).

“It was taking a long time to learn [by myself] and I wanted to speed the whole process up… I was struggling, not getting anywhere fast, not knowing if I was doing anything right… Trying to self-teach off the internet, off YouTube, and learning Tabs, but it would only take me so far. The lessons have helped to expand my understanding of music in general as well, not just playing guitar… I feel like I’m a musician.” (Steve Sollberger)

“I tried self-teaching but the progress is much slower, you don’t know what you don’t know, and it’s frustrating… someone who’s taught that before could say “do this and this” and it’s problem solved…” (Jarrod Kirk)

The attraction of trying to teach yourself through YouTube lessons, online tablature, apps etc is of course that it is free.
However, if you remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”, that should give you a rough idea of the value of this approach.
You can be sure that your musical heroes didn’t learn to play guitar on their computer…

Every week we see prospective students who have tried to “teach themselves” and failed.
We see the progress they’ve made in 2 or 3 years compared with what they could have been doing with the proper guidance.

If you’ve tried teaching yourself and struggled, don’t worry – it’s not you, it’s the method you are trying to use that is holding you back.

Learning with ineffective teachers
Sadly, all guitar lessons and teachers are not the same. Many guitar teachers have no specific guitar teacher training and/or proof that they can actually teach well and produce good guitar players. There are plenty of horror stories about guitar teachers who spend the whole lesson playing for their own amusement and teach you nothing. Or teachers who just pick a part of a random new song each week, seemingly unplanned, giving you no sense that this is part of a deeper plan to help you reach your goals (often because they don’t have such a plan). Many times you end up with a folder full of music, none of which you can actually play…

“My previous teachers were just teaching me one simple song but not giving me the tools to go on and play anything I wanted to. Now, when I’m playing a song, I’m understanding the structure and why it’s written that way.” (Scott Harrison) 

These and other ineffective solutions can lead you to start thinking “Can I really do this? Maybe I’m just not cut out for it”, or worse “Maybe I don’t have the ‘natural talent’ to do this (more on this below). It’s hard to keep motivated, especially when you’re making slow progress and struggling to play the music you love.

Luckily it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Solution

JosieLessons at Auckland Guitar School are different.We offer you a unique learning experience and use innovative teaching methods to help you reach your goals faster.

When you first come to the School, we’ll take the time to discuss your goals and playing background, what you’d like to be able to do and what you need to do to get there . From there on, we’ll put together a plan to take you from your current level to where you want to be, with lessons tailored to your personal needs. We’ll review your progress regularly and make adjustments where necessary.

“Together we have developed a plan that has started with building a solid foundation of skills and this has meant that I have progressed quickly to a stage of having the confidence and ability to play with friends, some of whom are very good players.” (Michael Page)

It is crucial to have someone to support you on the journey towards your guitar goals. Not only will you learn what you need to know to fulfil your goals, but you’ll have a mentor and a coach to support you every step of the way. Yes, there will be some commitment and perseverance needed on your part, and some challenges and frustrations to deal with on the way, but the good news is that when you learn guitar at Auckland Guitar School we are in this together.

You’ll learn in a supportive environment, and discover that the things you’re finding difficult are often just the same things that everyone else has trouble with. In fact, if you’ve been playing for a while, many of the things you’ve probably been struggling with are really quite simple to fix. We spend every day showing students the secrets to practising, changing chords, playing faster, how music works etc.

The fact is that trying to “teach yourself” guitar will never be as effective as working with a dedicated and experienced teacher.

An expert who will spot problems with your playing before they develop into ingrained bad habits. An expert who can offer you hands-on, personalised guidance and support. An expert who knows how to coach and train you.

You need that personal attention, with someone who cares about your progress and is able to guide you through what you need to know to play the music that you want to play.

“I started taking lessons after 12 years of self-guided noodling, an approach which had only helped me acquire a relatively moderate level of skill on the guitar, a few songs in my repertoire, and a very limited ability to improvise and interact musically with others. I was frustrated with my (lack of) progress and needed guidance on how to break the rut. So far, Dylan has made a tremendous impact. He has encouraged me to think about all the components of music while I’m playing: He’s done all this with friendliness and a genuine desire to help me improve. My motivation is back, and I’m enjoying playing again.” (Darrell Oosterbeek)

What you’ll get at Auckland Guitar School

  • Supportive, trained guitar teachers who are committed to helping you achieve your guitar goals
  • A consistent, well-structured curriculum that’s proven to work and is geared towards helping you play guitar the way you want to
  • Professionally presented, accurate and easy to understand lesson materials (not just printed off the internet!) so you can learn everything the right way first time and make faster progress
  • Clear practising advice and a system that will help you know exactly what to practise
  • Common sense explanations of aspects of music which confound every self-taught player
  • Additional and fun opportunities to help you apply what you’re learning and have fun

Still have questions?

Michael“I’ve never played an instrument before. Maybe I don’t have ‘natural talent’ and just won’t be any good at it. No-one in my family is musical…”
Good news – overwhelming research has shown that natural talent is a myth, and nor is it inherited from your family. Stories of child prodigies like Mozart and John Williams turn out to come down to having the right guidance and support from an early age. We have students coming from all walks of life and all kinds of backgrounds – if you’ve never played an instrument before, we’ll help you do it the right way from the beginning.

“I tried to learn once and didn’t get very far.”
Sadly, all too often we come across students who have had less than satisfactory experience with other teachers. It takes more than just being able to play the guitar to teach it, and all teachers are not created equal. Don’t give up on yourself until you’ve spoken to us!

“I’m too old / I should have started years ago…”
Age has very little to do with it. As you get older, you have more choices about how you spend your free time. And if this is something you’ve been wanting to do for years, that motivation is likely to be a lot stronger and carry you further than it might have done when you were younger.

“I’d love to learn to play guitar, but I don’t have time.”
The benefit of learning to play guitar with us is that we will help you avoid the pitfalls and save you wasting unnecessary time. We’ll work with you to make the most efficient and effective use of your time. We all have to make time for the things we’d love to do, and the guitar is well worth making time for!

“I just want to be able to play a few songs, I don’t want to be a guitar hero.”
Great. The School is focused on what you want to achieve. We can help you whether you just want to play some songs for your own enjoyment at home, or your ambition is to play your own music onstage to large audiences – and anything in between!

“I just want to play – I don’t have any goals/ambitions in mind.”
No problem – many people start out like this. As you get into it, and start to see the possibilities of music and this great instrument, it’ll be easier to focus on where you want to go with it. The advantage of focusing on these kinds of goals will be that you get the results much quicker.

Get the inspiration and motivation to transform your guitar playing.
Build confidence in your playing in a fun, relaxed environment.
Progress quicker than you can imagine.

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