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Trying to “teach yourself” guitar doesn’t work – there is a better way

Are you making slow progress with your guitar playing, and starting to doubt if you’ll ever be able to play like you want to?

It doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Learning anything worthwhile has its ups and downs.
The guitar is no exception.

Trying to learn guitar by yourself just causes huge frustration.

If you’ve spent time trying to learn from YouTube or other online sources, you’ll have discovered this already – it is the most inefficient and ineffective way to learn.

Of course, there is some great information online (if you know where to look), but at its best it can only offer a very limited one-dimensional approach. And though it may appear to be “free”, that’s only if you place no value on your time and don’t mind it taking much, much longer than it should to get your guitar playing together.

Ask yourself this – did your favourite guitar players learn online? No.
Could they have learned to play the way they do from YouTube? No.

This is why it is taking you so long to learn to play guitar.

“I was struggling, not getting anywhere fast, not knowing if I was doing anything right… Trying to self-teach off the internet, off YouTube, and learning Tabs, but it would only take me so far. The lessons have helped to expand my understanding of music in general as well, not just playing guitar. I’ve got quite a lot out of playing with other people and feeling like I’m more involved in music rather than just playing music. I feel like I’m a musician.”
(Steve Sollberger)

It’s easier than you think to play guitar the way you want to

Taking guitar lessons at Auckland Guitar School will save you time, money and frustration. No more wasting time working on things that won’t help you achieve your musical goals, learning things the wrong way, wondering what you should learn next, or getting stuck and having no solution.

You’ll get exactly the right material, when you need it so that you don’t waste time going round in circles, or struggling with your playing because there are big gaps in your knowledge. You’ll understand what you’re learning better, and can be sure you’re learning it correctly in an accurate, well presented and carefully thought out manner.

With the right guidance, feedback and support, you’ll be playing guitar the way you want to much quicker and develop into a far better musician in a shorter space of time. You’ll get help every step of the way, and the proper guidance and support that you need to take your guitar playing where you want to.

With the right foundations you’ll be able to work out the songs you love by yourself, and learn to play any music that you want to.

Learn to practise effectively and see fast progress

Guitar lessons alone won’t make you into a great player, it’s how you spend the time in between.
You’ll be coached on how to spend your practice time wisely and be given you an effective strategy to get the maximum results in the shortest time. With the right plan, materials and support you’ll get to where you want to be with your playing much quicker. You’ll enjoy the learning process and discover the secrets of how to practise most effectively to get the fastest results.

Trying to learn to play guitar on your own, or taking guitar lessons with an ineffective teacher can be demoralising and do you more harm than good. You want to feel encouraged and inspired to pick up your guitar and play.
 You’ll get personalised support and guidance, a mentor who will keep you on the right track and someone who really cares about helping you achieve your musical ambitions. 

It takes an experienced teacher to identify the deeper causes of problems you may be having with your playing. On your own, you’re only ever likely to identify the symptoms, and could easily misdiagnose what’s really at the heart of the problem.

“My previous teachers were just teaching me one simple song but not giving me the tools to go on and play anything I wanted to. Now, when I’m playing a song, I’m understanding the structure and why it’s written that way. The thing that’s helped me the most is that they are structured lessons and Dylan writes down what I should be practising during the week and comes back to it the next week. We have a plan and a goal which we are heading towards. Dylan is the most skillful guitarist I’ve met and the most patient teacher.”
(Scott Harrison)

All guitar teachers are not the same – save time and money

After self-teaching, the worst way to try to learn to play guitar is to have guitar lessons with an inexperienced and ineffective teacher just because they happen to be the most convenient, or cheapest. You’ll take much, much longer to reach your goals (if you ever reach them), and it’ll end up costing you more money (not to mention frustration, and a strong chance that you’ll just quit).

What do YOU want to be able to do with your guitar?Josie_crop

  • enjoy playing the music you love?
  • express yourself creatively through your own music?
  • play great guitar solos?
  • play in a band or just with other people?
  • understand how music works and be able to apply it directly to your guitar playing?

We can help you! Our methods have helped many, many guitarists like you achieve their musical ambitions, with a significant number going on to have successful careers in the music industry.

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